Monday, August 18, 2008

Scheherazade got its first outing on Sunday. I may have been a little proud of myself.


I also finished the embossed stitch socks in the C*EYE*BER Fyber Periwinkle. I am in love with these socks.


Look at the way it striped on the heel. LOOK AT IT. Love, I tell you.


Equal time for the toe.


I've already cast on number two, but once I got through the cast on I switched over to the tomato socks so I could watch yesterday's gymnastics (missed it because Scheherazade and I went to see the Lion King at the Kennedy Center).


Saturday they showed the marathon, which - I'm sorry, but until you get to the end, it's just not that interesting. :oP So I swatched for MS4.


I added one more repeat than the swatch instructions called for so I could try all my bead options.


The bottom beads are an opaque Montana blue (whatever that means) and while it shows up okay on the picture, it gets lost on the actual swatch. The clear aquamarine ones barely show at all, all you can see is the gold lining, and not much of that.


That takes it down to the two white ones, one matte (top) and one pearly (second from top), and I think I'm going to go with the matte. The pearly are okay but I prefer the matte ones. The impression of the blue with the matte white is casual and flirty, and I'm good with that.

That settled, I worked on Whispering Pines. I got through chart A and I'm now halfway through chart B.


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