Monday, July 20, 2009

Famous Last Words

Dear blog, it is with sadness I must consign to you this, my last post, because I am doomed to suffer the consequences of a great sin. I have coveted my neighbor's knitting. I assisted my friend and knitting disciple in deciphering the instructions for the Leaf Lace Wrap kit from Woodstock Knits, and when, while admiring her work, I squeezed the soft squishyness of the first few rows, and saw how quickly knitting grows when it is on size 15 needles, envy was born in my heart, and I coveted, and within days I found myself at Nature's Yarn, buying that very kit for myself. And I took it home, and I knitted it, and it was soft and squishy and it delighted my eyes, and I knit lovingly on it, every day I came home weeping from the harshness and insanity of my day, and I knitted on it, and, my friends...I finished it. In less than two weeks, I finished it. Therefore, said knitting disciple is going to kill me. I cannot blame her - I would do the same. In fact, no jury of her knitting peers would ever convict her.

I only ask that I be laid to rest wrapped in that lovely, squishy (well, somewhat less squishy now that it has been blocked), soft alpaca sweetness that I loved so much that I not only willingly copied another knitter, but did not even wait until she finished it before making one for myself. I cannot even say I am sorry, for I regret nothing.

Adieu, fair blog. Adieu.