Thursday, August 21, 2008

You might be a lace knitter if...

I think...I'm a lace knitter. I'm addicted. I ignore my other projects and make a beeline straight for the lace whenever I can. I knit on socks when I can't knit lace. I'm developing an aversion to needles larger than size 4. :oP

I'm thinking about getting some of the KnitPicks Harmony tips in the larger sizes. I've gotten used to using them for lace and I find when I go back to the metal ones that they kind of hurt now. This is both puzzling and annoying, since I have 2 sets of metal tips in just about every size and that's kind of a significant investment to just toss in a drawer and ignore. I'm hoping it's just that I'm trying to knit something in the round that is really two small for one circ. Maybe if I put it on two it won't be such a pain.

Anyway, I've finished Chart B and moved on to Chart C on the whispering pines shawl. I'm a little depressed because I am going to need more stitch markers, so I think I'm going to have to switch back to my rubber ring markers. This is depressing because I really love my soft look markers from Hide and Sheep. It pleases my poetic soul that the ones I'm using on this shawl are snowflake obsidian. I have two sets for a total of 12 markers, but I would kind of need a few dozen for the next sections where chart areas repeat like 16 times on each side. Sigh.

I really, really want to buy some for the mystery shawl because...I could get blue ones to match. I'm such a loser. I do have a blue row counting bracelet and I would love to have matching stitch markers for it, and the fact that said markers would also match the color of my yarn is really making the temptation great. Add to that the fact that the markers are really fairly inexpensive and it's hard to resist. But, resist I must - I don't get paid for another week. -_-

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