Friday, August 15, 2008


So I've been thinking that I would like to give the SO's mom a shawl pin with the shawl I am knitting...but I'll be darned if I can find a snowflake shawl pin anywhere! I did find one, but at $50 it definitely exceeded my budget, and I didn't even really like it that much.

Maybe I just need to be patient and hope that one will be easier to find later in the year. But, just in case, I've been looking into making one. I found a pendant charm that I liked at Artbeads and kilt and brooch pins at Fire Mountain Gems. I THINK I can do it for somewhere in the realm of $25, depending, as always, on how carried away I get.

My paycheck for the month is already spent so I am definitely in a holding pattern for now, but I'm definitely keeping the option in mind.


Barbara said...

That sounds lovely! You'll take pictures, right?

My mom loves homemade/handmade gifts -- she's a great lover of dried fruit for holidays -- and she goes all-out getting the jars decorated...

CraftNinja said...

There will definitely be pictures!