Thursday, April 10, 2008

So close!!

Three repeats left on the baby blanket. It was really, really tempting to stay up until I was done last night, but I finished repeat number 10 just as Top Chef was ending at 11 p.m., and I still had to get the pups pottied and corralled into bed, and I hadn't changed or washed my face or brushed my teeth or any of the normal pre-bed routine, so in an uncharacteristic show of good sense, I folded the blanket up, put it out of any possible puppy reach (just in case) and went to bed.

I expect to have a lot of yarn left over - one whole skein and most of a second, so I am planning to do the bunny buddy blanket and possibly a second hat, larger than the first one, for when the baby gets a little older. We'll see how sick I am of the yarn (not that it isn't great, but how long can you knit in brown and white without weeping for a change?)...I may go ahead and wash all the items and see how much the initial baby hat shrinks before I decide to go for another one. It seems really teeny to me already but I am told newborns are very small and it will be fine. I continue to be paranoid that this particular newborn will have a very large head and the hat will inexplicably not fit.

I am thinking about washing the hat but not putting it in the dryer, which should prevent it from shrinking...but I am also paranoid that Andrea will wash it and then it will shrink and then I would feel bad. It only took one evening to knit the thing, so I really should just suck it up and let it shrink and redo it if it is going to be too small.

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