Friday, April 11, 2008

The baby blanket is finished!!

Woo hoo! No picture, because it pretty much looks exactly the same as the last picture, only longer. I haven't even woven in the ends yet. This is partly because a) I hate that part b) I am waiting to wash all this stuff until I finish the bunny blanket buddy.

The bunny blanket buddy pattern is written for superbulky yarn, which this is most definately not. Right now it is 40 stitches wide and I am supposed to start knitting the paws here, but I am not doing that. I'm going to double the size because if I did it this way it would be teeny even unwashed, and since there is again that whole shrinks-when-washed factor, it would be a choking hazard.

Of course, I also know that it will shrink more in length than it will in width, so this whole enterprise may be terribly ill-advised, but I am forging ahead anyway. Why not - all I have to lose is time and sanity.

Odessa remains on standby until the bunny is finished. It went pretty quickly last night so hopefully Odessa will not be stuck on standby much longer.

I have a bunch of skeins of burgandy Knit Picks Gloss at home and I am thinking about using them to knit Jeanie. I didn't care for that pattern when it was published but I have since seen another one on someone's blog in a different colorway and I LOVE it. I originally bought those skeins of Gloos planning to make one of the shawls from Wrapped in Comfort, but...I really did like that Jeanie.

The only thing is, I'm afraid the burgandy may be too dark for it. What I loved about the one I saw was the translucense and airyness and I'm just not sure such a strong color is the right selection.

There is really no purpose to this idle speculation...there are about 8 million things I really really want to knit and I am constantly changing my mind about which I will get to next. I want to knit something for myself, and I want to knit something that is not going to bore me to tears, so I am still pretty steady on Shaharazad as my next pattern. I am hoping that since it changes I will not be trying to stab myself after 8 million identical repeats, just for a change. Best of all, I already have yarn for it! I...hope. I am as always utterly paranoid about running out, but anyway - 2 skeins of Suri Blue should be enough. Really. I hope.

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