Monday, February 18, 2008

Getting On

This weekend was productive despite a lot of puppy-related problems. One of my new babies was rather violently sick in the smelliest and messiest way possible on Saturday night late.

But, I did use the dental floss lifeline that someone from the SFS list suggested to me and now my BBS are back on track. It worked great and I didn't lose a single stitch.

I also worked on the Bigfoot shawl and I am approaching the halfway point - by which I mean, I am halfway out of yarn. I have a date with my ball winder this evening for the second skein.

Unfortunately, the intended recipient leaves for her missionary trip on Thursday, and there is no way I will be done in time. I'm not sure how long they will be gone - I think I week but I am not totally sure. In any case, my current plan is to finish it and give it to her when she gets back. I wanted to make one for the other lady going on the trip, but that is just not going to happen. I wouldn't have it done for any time period remotely related to their going. Not sure what to do about that at the moment.

I'm dying to see what this shawl will look like when it is blocked. I can't visualize it very well while it is on the needles since there is no real way to stretch it out and look. I could put it on scrap and look at it, but I think I would rather just wait. Why spend knitting time trying to visualize when you can just go for it?

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