Thursday, February 14, 2008

Minimal at best

This has not been a week of getting much done. I did a little work on my chocolate waffle scarf since my socks for soldiers sock is out of commission until I rip back a bit to fix whatever I did wrong on the gussets. A helpful list member suggested that I use dental floss to pick up the stitches before ripping, which I think is genius, so I am hoping I will be able to take care of that before tomorrow's D&D session.

I am kind of having to accept that I am not going to get the Bigfoot shawl done before the ladies I wanted to give the shawls to leave for their trip. I'm on the body now but I guess I did not realize how long it takes to do a whole row when your row is a couple hundred stitches long.

Yes, I realize I may be rather slow.

The good news is that I can finally start to see the pattern a little bit. I really couldn't before now, so that is a nice little bit of progress. Even so, I am only getting at most one and a half pattern repeats done each time I sit down.

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