Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Where's the knit??

Well...I have been busy. Busy doing pretty much everything EXCEPT knitting! I am trying to finish the painting in my kitchen. This weekend we replaced all the outlets on the main floor of the house. The existing ones were covered in paint. The previous owners did not, apparently, take the wall plates out or bother to go around the sockets - they just went right over them, making them all a crackled peach color that looked gross and sloppy. I have replaced them with black and the wall plates are all black iron to go with my wrought iron accents. I got a mirror for the powder room and got that hung up last night.

Also, I am adopting a dog, a 5 lb senior Yorkie from a rescue, and I have been busy getting through that application process and preparing my home for that as well.

Therefore, I haven't gotten much done. A couple more rounds on Shedir, and I started a Snug Harbor for the new addition(s - they are trying to talk me into taking her sister too and I am really not feeling strong enough to resist) to my family. I am almost at the bottom decreases, but not quite. I think I may try knitting the bottom double so that it is a little extra thick.

Working on the Socks for Soldiers socks on Sundays and during choir practice. These are so great for no-brain knitting, when I need something that I can do while chatting and visiting with people or otherwise splitting my attention, and since they are for such a good cause I never feel any guilt for working on them instead of other projects.

Does anyone else have that guilt thing? I sometimes feel bad for working on stuff for me instead of things that are meant for gifts, or if I have put a lot of work into a project and then put it down for something simpler. Maybe I am just weird.

Anyway, hopefully the knitting will resume in earnest next week. We are supposed to finish painting tomorrow evening, and then I can put the kitchen back together. I pick up the babies on Friday and will spend the weekend getting them settled in - with the exception of my spinning class on Saturday afternoon. I still have some little things I need to do for the house - ordering new blinds, hanging the curtains, and changing out the switches, but that is about 1 weekend's work (I hope). Then the main floor of my house will be all arranged and happy, and I can go back to knitting in contentment.

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