Wednesday, January 16, 2008

All is forgiven

As always, I forgive Knit Picks their slow shipping because I am always happy when the package finally arrives. Along with my replacement needles, I got Harmony needles in 3 other sizes (so now I have a pair each in 7, 8, 9, and a spare 7 from the broken set), as well as two pairs of nickel 3's and a pair of nickel 1's to aid my sock knitting efforts. I got the 3's for the cast on and first few rows and the 1's for the heels, since I use 2's for socks.

I am loving the chart keeper. It made working on Shedir much easier last night. The place holder magnet kept me from having to search all over the chart for the row I was working on, and the keeper sat nicely over the arm of my sofa and, later, on my bed. Very nice. I did knock it off the sofa once at which point all the magnets kind of went flying, but no big. I put them all back and I knew what row I was on, so I was fine. I finished the repeat I was on and got halfway through the second repeat. The pattern is visible now and it looks very nice, though I do lament using such a dark color. The color is beautiful, though, and the texture is nice, so I am not too fussed.

I could really use a hat and gloves for myself, but I refuse to go buy what I would rather knit, and yet I don't know when I will get around to knitting them! I can keep Shedir if I think it will be too big for Leslie's sister so at least I will have a hat. I have the chenille scarf I made ages ago. I just need something for my hands. Time to plot!

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