Tuesday, January 15, 2008

No News

My Big Black Socks are up to 9 inches now, so yay for that. I have made no progress on Shedir because I lost the pattern, which I had enlarged so that I could read the chart better, and had to print it out and enlarge it again. I finally had it again yesterday plus the leisure time to work on it...but the SO was sick and comforting him became my priority. This comfort mostly consisted of holding him while he lounged on me, which prevented me from also holding my needles (don't think I didn't consider it, but it was immediately obvious that it wouldn't work).

The yarn for Odessa has arrived, and I expect my KnitPicks order to arrive today. I love Knit Picks, I really do. I love their yarns and I love their prices.

I HATE their shipping. It is the only complaint I have with them. The yarn leaves their distribution center in OH, gets to WV in a day...and sits there for exactly 3 days. Almost every time. On the third day, it leaves WV and usually gets delivered the next day. So, I really ought to get it in two days...but instead, I get it in no less than 5. I think I'd be happier if they had a tracking system that didn't tell me where the stuff was. I would much rather believe that it takes 5 days to transport yarn from OH to VA rather than knowing it only takes two to three days and that the additional time is entirely designed to DRIVE ME CRAZY.

I think it is a scheme on the FedEx end to make sure that our stuff does not get to us so fast that we have no reason to get expedited shipping. FedEx is evil.

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