Thursday, August 9, 2007

Famous last words

I should have known better when I said yesterday it would be hard to make mistakes without realizing it on the column's scarf. I got some work done in it yesterday and somehow managed to trip into one of the ways that you CAN screw it up. I'm not entirely sure what I did, but the stitches that make the columns got veeeeery twisted, and I didn't realize it for a couple of rows until I looked and said "Hey...that's not what it ususally looks like." Since I couldn't really figure out what I did I just frogged a couple of rows and picked it up again. I got the stitches untwisted and sorted out and it looks back to normal now.

I've got a little over two inches of scarf, which kind of has me worried that I won't finish in time, but I'll try not to think about it until next week at least. Then I can evaluate where I am and decide whether I can finish in time, or if I am actually going to have to buy a gift.

Unfortunately, I also really need to spend the next couple of weeks getting ready for my mother's visit. The guest room is not yet unpacked and put to rights from the move, there's painting that needs to be finished and a million other things I would like to do to make the house look acceptable before she comes. This could cut into the knitting time that I really need to get this done.


Monica said...

Let's see some pictures of the WIP!! And the un-seamed, single sock you mentioned in the KR Forum.

CraftNinja said...

I actually have some pictures on my camera, but I can't find my memory card reader to get them off!! I will post some pictures as soon as I unearth the right cable.

I hate moving - I haven't been able to find anything I needed when I needed it in months!