Wednesday, July 25, 2007


gah I wish I could finish some decent sized knitting project so I could stop being so cold in the office!! I sit here and freeze and think about that shawl I'm making and wish I could warp through time to finish it. The sad thing is, I could probably finish it fairly quickly if I sat down and stuck to it, but I have a bunch of fancier things I am making for other people, so I tend to only pick up my easy peasy little shawl when I am going somewhere where paying attention to a pattern is inconveniant.

Despite my resolution not to have more than two things on the needles at once if I could avoid it, and to finish the cotton hat for K before I started anything else, I now have in progress:

--That Damn Hat
--A third candy wrapper sachet (estimate two evenings to complete)
--Surprise for Sbodd (should be able to finish this tonight, I hope)
--Shawl (you know, the one I started a million years ago with the soft Paton yarn - this has become my project to work on at times when I don't have the leisure to do anything complicated, but as a result, it's very slow going)
--Slippers for me, which I started last night in a fit of pique because I am tired of my feet hurting from the hard floor (this one was actually a lot of fun for the 18 rows I worked last night, very quick and pretty easy...of course, we'll see how it ends up)

Augh, story of my life - getting in over my head everywhere I turn. ^_^

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