Thursday, July 26, 2007

Buttonholes are eeeeeeeviiiil

So, the surprise for Sbodd would have been finished last night, but I completely failed at making a buttonhole,'s not. But almost! I just need to look at a few reference pictures and since we were at his parents' place I couldn't look it up. :oP

Anyway, I had to tell him what it is, because I needed his DS to check the length. I have a DS Lite, so I couldn't use mine, even if I could find it at the moment, which I can't. It is still somewhere in the stuff from the move and though we've looked for it, I haven't been able to dig it out.

I only need to do the buttonhole and the tip of the button band and it will be finished, and it is darn cute if I do say so myself. Only, the bound-off edge is too tight. I should have switched to a larger needle for it. The DS slid easily into the case before and now it takes some wiggling. I'm going to try wetting it and stretching out the mouth a little. I don't think it's a terrible thing for the top to be a LITTLE tight because it will just keep the DS that much more secure, but it was tighter by far than it needed to be.

I made it out of the yarn leftover from his scarf and hat, so it matches them! I kind of wish I could make him a pair of gloves in the same yarn, but I'd have to find a pattern that uses worsted weight yarn, because all the gloves I've seen use a lighter yarn. (Well, what do you know - thanks google!)

I'm not sure I have enough left, though, and I think the color I used has been discontinued. Anyway, I have a million other things to do first, so it's not a big deal. The completionist in me just wants him to have the complete set.

P.S. This project is the first I've done that uses the turkish cast-on. It took me a couple of tries, but in the end I managed it, and it did make a good looking seam at the bottom. Also, it meant I could knit the whole thing in the round and not have to knit it flat and sew the seam, which I probably would never have done. So, yay for that!

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