Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Love-heart Slippers

These are the slippers I'm working on: Love Heart Slippers

I didn't realize KnitPicks had a sample knit up (or that they were even selling the book the pattern comes from). It's odd though - the book says sport weight yarn, and they are pairing it with their fingering weight yarns. Wierd.

Also, the hot pink is not really the prettiest choice. The ones in the book are knitted in a much sweeter pale pink. The ones I'm working on are a lovely soft grey.

I finished the first half of the first slipper and started work on the second, so I'm encouraged. I just hope, hope, hope they fit. I am equally afraid of them ending up too big or too small. If they end up either it will be my guage at fault because the measurements in the book all work for my foot.

If they are too small, I will give them to my mom, but I have no idea what I will do if they are too big!

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