Monday, January 25, 2010

Nupp Time

Nupp, nuppy nupp, nupy nup, nuppy nuppy nuppy nupp

Am I the only one who hears that old Salt 'N Peppa song "Shoop" whenever nupps come up? I am, aren't I. Sigh.

("Nupp, nuppy nupp, nuppy nupp, nuppy nuppy nuppy nupp, Here I go, Here I go, Here I go again, Girls what's my weakness? YARN!")


So this weekend I got to the first row of nupps on the Aeolian shawl and...well. It wasn't pretty. I guess I was overconfident since I had no trouble nupping when I took Nancy Bush's workshop. It did occur to me that doing a 9-stitch nupp in a non-elastic yarn prone to splitting might be a little more difficult than doing 5-stitch nupps in 100% wool, but I didn't take the danger seriously. I thought I made the stitches loosely, I really did. I even went back a couple of times and put my needle back through and tugged just like Nancy said to do. But, I had a terrible time purling back across, and making several attempts at repairs as I knit back across. Some repairs worked out, some didn't. I'm a little frustrated at the sloppyness.

I also cracked open my next tube of beads, and found that the beads I ordered are not exactly the same as the beads I bought at Bead Obsessions. The color is the same (which is what I was really worried about), but these beads are a little bit more of the traditional donut seed bead shape, while the ones I had before were a little bit longer, just enough to look a bit cylindrical. I'm hoping it won't matter, and telling myself that even if it does, it's okay because I'm in a different section of the pattern so it will just add character. Ah, character. Is there a flaw you can't explain away?

I am at the second nupp row, so tonight I will be doing my best to pretend I am a relaxed knitter. I'm not, I'm a very tight knitter, but I will have to try or risk another row of ratty looking nupps.

Spring time is coming and so I picked up Hanami again last night and gathered all my pieces. I'd like to have a new shawl to wear for my Easter performance at church, so I'm hoping I can finish that one in time. The SO bought me some Sundara lace yarn some time ago that I am also thinking would make an absolutely beautiful lace shawl, and because I am stupid, I'm thinking of making the Triangular Summer Shawl from Estonian Lace. Because there is no way that nuups in silk could go wrong, is there? Of course not. I can't help it, though - the colors are just perfect and the shawl is so beautiful. The bit about sewing on the edging gives me pause, however. I am not good with sewing.

Grumpasaurus has been sitting around unloved all weekend. I'll get back to him soon, just...not right now. However, it's become clear to me that I am going to have to make at least two lest he get torn apart in the frenzy. It's good to be appreciated, I guess?

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