Friday, February 6, 2009


I get paid once every month, and I like to have a little payday treat, so last week I very responsibly considered my finances and made a couple little small purchases to make me happy (this ignores the purchasing that I did all January long, but I am working on that).

I picked up some stitch markers from Hide and Sheep (I love their softloop markers so, so much - I have I think four sets already, three in the snowflake obsidian and one that is cobalt blue hearts, and I get sad when I have to use plastic ring markers instead on my larger needles...but not sad enough to buy big ones, since I rarely knit at larger sizes anymore) and I bought a couple of batts from Butterfly Girl Designs (blue morpho and passionflower). I then promised myself I was not going to spend any more money. While my stash is meager by the standards of most, I did get quite a bit of yarn for Christmas, I do still have quite a few projects that can be knit with what I have on hand, and I don't really need more yarn.

Then I got an e-mail in my inbox from Little Knits and...well. I had a little accident. An accident involving two bags of Plymouth Royal Silk Merino and a bag of Rowan Cashsoft Aran, both on closeout. The silk merino was a deal I just couldn't pass up. I have been waiting for some time to knit Eris, but I wanted a yarn that would show all that beautiful celtic cabling (which is why I didn't immediately knit it out of the VY Colrain; the color, while stunning and very me, is pretty dark and I am not knitting all those cables to have them swallowed up in a stunning but dark color). I had been stalking Elann Incense for this purpose, but even at Elann prices, when you add shipping in it's kind of a lot of money, so I put it off (also, they did not have the color I wanted at the moments when I was weakest).

The Cashsoft I use for charity knitting - although, I actually use the dk weight, so I should have thought it through a little harder. But, I'm sure I can make it work if I so choose, though I am kind of thinking if my first couple of sweater forays do not totally scare me off, I could totally make something wearable out of the Cashsoft. We'll see. There might not be enough yardage, and I think my charity knitting could go just as well in the heavier yarn (I like Grumperina's hat patterns and they do come out a little small - I might need different beads though). I favorited a bunch of hats on ravelry, so we'll see when it comes. I tend to use the favorites button as sort of an inspiration box, when I see something and think "I kind of like that, I might want to knit that later," I favorite it, and then when I am looking for a new project I go browse through my favorites to see what strikes me. I don't usually put things in my queue until I am reasonably committed to knitting them.

So, yay for a good deal! Boo for breaking my promise to myself. Well, we'll just have to see how it turns out in the end. If I get a great sweater out of it, I think I will consider it a happy thing. I should actually have quite a bit more than I need for the sweater I am planning, so I will be able to either swap the rest or find something else to do with it (maybe an extra special charity hat or two). I just hope I like the color - I picked 'mossy,' which actually looks more like 'lime' in the picture. I did some searching on ravelry, though, and decided I was happy with the color in the projects I was seeing, so I went ahead with it. I am just a teeny bit anxious though.

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