Wednesday, August 8, 2007

So it begins

Welcome to my brand spankin' new craft journal. I've created this little beauty to save my friends from long rambling posts about craft projects they don't understand or don't care about. I have awesome friends but most do not share my hobbies and I imagine that reading about knitting is about as interesting to a non-knitter as watching paint dry.

Initially I toyed with the idea of creating a knitting blog only as knitting has taken over my life since I learned to knit about two months ago, but I thought, why not include it all. However, I think I can safely say that knitting will be the subject of the majority of my posts. If nothing else, I finish more knitting than any other type of craft.

I feel like I am shouting "Welcome!" to an empty room, but hopefully it won't be empty forever. So here goes, and we'll see what happens!

Edit: I am posting and backdating all the knitting-related posts I made in my personal journal since I learned to knit.

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