Monday, August 20, 2007

Not how I planned

Saturday, I put six inches on the scarf, and thought gleefully about how wonderful it would be if I could get it up to 3 feet by the end of the weekend.

Unfortunately, I'm having trouble sleeping in the bed I am using while I house-and-dog-sit, so I didn't get very far on Sunday. A few feeble rows - I haven't measured but I bet it was less than an inch. I fell asleep on the couch for a couple of hours instead. It's probably just as well as my right hand was starting to get grumpy again and I'd probably have had a claw by Sunday night if I'd accomplished all I'd cackled about possibly doing.

One of my friends just sighed (metaphorically speaking, it was a blog entry) about wanting pretty things (she is a student and only has enough budget for the practical, not the pretty, and sometimes not even that) and I gave her a bunch of links to pattern resources and said "here, pick something pretty, and I will knit it for you." I am alternately concerned that she will not like anything, and that she will pick something huge and/or complicated that will take me the rest of my life. I guess I will just live dangerously until I get a reply.

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