Thursday, August 16, 2007


My ball of the moss Swish DK is gettingn alarmingly skinny, and I'm no where near halfway through the scarf. I think I'm going to need another skein. The scarf is at 17 inches and while the nutmeg ball is still going strong, the moss ball is rapidly depleting.

How does this happen to me? Is there something I'm doing that causes me to use more yarn than is normal? Or do people just do a crappy job estimating the requirements for their patterns? It doesn't make sense that a pattern produced by a yarn retailer would UNDERestimate the amount of yarn that you need. In fact, I am suspcious that I will not need the second ball of nutmeg at all, or I will need very little of it. But the moss color is flowing through my fingers and into my scarf in an undignified hurry.

It is also looking unlikely that I will finish this scarf in time for BG's birthday. At an average of 3 inches a night, which is what I'm currently doing, it'll take me two weeks to finish, and I only have one. Odds are good that I can get more done in the next week since I will be house/dog-sitting and will have less in the way of cooking, cleaning, and every day life to get in the way, but it'll still take a miracle to get this done in time - and that's without worrying about running out of yarn.

I think I will have to order one more ball and hope a) they have the same dyelot available b) it arrives before I need it.

I'm starting to worry a little about the other projects I have on my list...did I buy enough yarn for them or am I going to run out again? Odds of them having my dyelot decrease over time, I expect. I may have to institute a one-extra-skein policy for my projects from now on where financially feasible.

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