Saturday, June 30, 2012

Just When I Thought I Was All Caught Up

This blog has been depressingly irregular since I started my new job.  At my old work, I had plenty of downtime and could do some blog composition during the day.  My new job is much more demanding (which is a good thing) and I just can't seem to work out a good time to do photos, edit photos, upload photos, and compose a post.  So, unfortunately, I think there are going to be more iphone pics in the blog, at least until I can get a decent routine.

Anyway!  Just when I had finally gotten through the pile of shawls I had laying around to block, Romi had a pattern-splosion and I've been knitting my fingers off trying to keep up.

 First I had to catch up with the patterns that were already out, so I finished Calliope's Odyssey.  I rarely knit things twice but this one is so pretty I might have to make one for myself.





That left me with just Meadowgold, the April pins and lace shawl, left to knit to catch up.  It was a soothing, easy knit.  I used Tanis Fiber Arts Silver Label Silk in Gold.  (that was a close call, I just barely had enough yarn to finish!)


Then, suddenly, Romi started busting out with designs all over the place!  Next was Lyrica Euterpe out of Fly Designs Nymph in ChocoCherry.


Then the Perpetua Shawl came out in the new Knitscene.  I made mine out of Shelby B Designs in Minister of Magic.  The yarn has sterling silver in it and it's lovely and sparkly.  I definitely recommend garter stitch designs for these blingy yarns, it looks amazing, and I love the blue mixed in with the neutral grey.  I think it's going to be very wearable (in a shiny sort of way).


Next up is Terpsichore Street, which I plan to make out of Zen Yarn Garden Bamboolicious.  And now here I am once again with a pile of shawls to be blocked.


I've had a few more items going on too.  I took an evening or two and knit a Beignet out of leftover Neighborhood Fiber Co. from the Polyhymnia shawl.  I love it, although the rolling up at the edge bothers me a little.  I'm not sure if that's because of the weight of the clasp I chose or because I made the necklace so short.  It might be that my icord is too tight.  Or it could be because I haven't actually blocked it yet.


And I've been working on a pair of socks for my hubby.


This is String Theory Caper Sock which I bought right before the wedding.  I had intended to make socks for both of us on the honeymoon, but I selfishly started the pair for myself first and accidentally left the skein for his socks in the rental car.  The rental car company mailed it to the house for me, so it was waiting here for us when we got back, but obviously I didn't get to knit them during the honeymoon.  I'm calling these his honeymoon socks anyway.

Last but not least, the TdF has begun and I'm a-spinnin'.


So far my efforts don't actually look half bad, as long as they hold together enough to ply!

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WOW! All so gorgeous. :)