Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Small Victories

I have only this to show today:

The hands of my beloved, clad in wool to guard against the bitter cold. Finally. This completes the set of gloves, hat, and scarf I promised to make him sometime last year. He made the mistake of asking right as it was getting warm, and also of asking for a Scarf of Unusual Size (not really, but still) so it took a while. Then I got kind of stumped on the second glove because gloves are boring. But it's freezing outside and he refused to wear the other pieces until he had the complete set, and I felt guilty about his cold hands, so I overcame my second glove syndrome and lo, he can now go forth into the cold swaddled in red wool.

I also got the additional crystals I ordered and finished the bind off on the bottom section of my wedding shawl, but I haven't gotten any farther than that. I had to work over the long weekend (woe) which put a serious damper on the stuff I had planned to accomplish that weekend, so the only thing I have to show are a bunch of caligraphied invitations that I can't photograph without putting people's addresses online. I can't waint until I have time and energy to knit more - lots of 'want to knits' piling up while I try to deal with all this mess!

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