Monday, June 20, 2011


I'm afraid I don't have much to show today! Between heavy deadlines at work and personal stuff, including a visit from my BFF who was in town for the weekend, I didn't get a whole lot of knitting done, and I didn't get what knitting I DID do photographed. Nothing except a crappy iPhone shot of a sock that is serving as my current mindless knitting.

Thrilling, I know. I've just started the heel flap. I began this sock ages ago and it sort of fell by the wayside in favor of other projects (including SOMEONE'S pointlessly-six-foot scarf).

Other than that, I knit a washcloth during Green Lantern, which my dear friend wanted to see, and the fact that I went at all is a testament of my love for her. It's a simple garter stitch square, and somewhere I dropped a stitch in the middle of it and I noticed it during the movie, but there was no way to fix it in the dark and no way I was going to go without knitting during that rest of that movie (let's just say the reviewers are not lying to you in this case), so I tossed a YO in over the dropped stitch to get my count back up, and then when I got home, I dropped the stitch over the YO, and laddered back up from the original dropped stitch. Problem solved. The tension is a little wacky on the four or so rows I worked before realizing I had dropped the stitch, but the YO and the stitches above it left plenty of tension in the following rows. Very exciting stuff.

What little true knitting time I've had has been spent on Alcyone. I've finished the two repeats of Chart B and started Chart C, but of course I didn't take a picture. Hint: it looks just like the picture from last week, only bigger.

I plan to spend as much time as I can knitting Alcyone until it's finished, and then I want to finish up Spanish Moss. I have just one end remaining and then it's done.

And then - I have to decide what to do next. Here are the options as I see them:

1. Lisianthus - Romi's Pins & Lace shawl from April, which I still haven't started. I haven't been able to make up my mind on yarn for this one. I have some Shafer Andrea lace that I was thinking of using, but I just can't make up my mind if I like the color for this shawl or not. I'm thinking I might save this shawl to be my Christmas project, since I always take a big lace project with me to my parents' house over my Christmas vacation. Oooh, maybe I could knit it in red and have it be a poinsettia shawl...this idea has merit.

2. Romi's Pins and Lace shawl for July - as yet unreleased, but probably coming due right about the time I finish the ones I'm working on.

3. In Dreams - I pretty much missed the Mystery KAL in its entirety (which I guess I'm kind of okay with) but the yarn and everything is still sitting there and I still really want to make this piece. I'm not convinced as to what to do about the beads, though - the beading is very, very heavy on this shawl and I just don't know if I actually want to

4. Finish a UFO - namely, Mystery Stole 4. I knit the first half and not the second, and I'm pretty sure I could chug through this one pretty quickly if I just sat down and committed to it, and then it wouldn't be sitting there mocking me any longer. Down side - this one has to be grafted in the center. I've never grafted lace and it sounds about as much fun as (to borrow a YH comparison) licking a yak.

5. Get moving on my sea turtle shawl design!! I don't know that I will ever become a full time designer, you guys. I have too much fun knitting other stuff. However, I do really, really want to finish this project and I'm still enamored of the idea of the shawl itself. I was thinking I might sell the pattern when it was finished and donate part of the proceeds to the National Aquarium, but I may just put it up for free with a link and ask people to donate as they see fit. We'll see. That's assuming I can get the pattern written and tested and all that stuff that makes me woozy when I think about it.

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