Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Drive-By Blogging

Oh dear, another long run of no blog posting, followed by another pictureless post. I'm getting ready for my vacation!!!!!!!!!!! and I'm so excited. Hopefully after I return we will resume our regular postings. In the meantime, here's the WIP report...which is, sadly, rather boring, because no time to blog means no time to knit, either.

1. Spanish Moss
I've been busting a move on this one as much as I could, since Romi is not waiting for me to finish one pattern before releasing another 'must knit' piece! I completed the center section and last night I bound off the first end. When I get back from vacation, I'll pick up the provisional cast on and knit the second end.

2. Sakaki
When last we left Sakaki, I ran out of yarn after carelessly tossing in an extra repeat. I haven't picked it up since. Before we leave, I plan to rip this back and take it along with me as an alternative project when I need a break from my Alaska shawl.

3. Alaska Shawl
No where near where I wanted it to be by this point, but that's okay. Our trip includes a lot of travel time, so provided the powers that be (I'm looking at you, TSA) don't interfere, I hope I will still be mostly finished with the shawl by the time we get home from the trip. I've never had my needles taken from me on a flight - but it would just figure that this would be the one time I do.

4. Matching set for CodeNinja
Despite the fact that I have knit two 5-foot scarves for the man that he was perfectly satsified with, he has suddenly decided he wants this scarf to be 6 feet. Why he feels the need for a scarf that is taller than he is, I do not know, except that his mother said she always makes her scarves six feet long and he is a big fat mamma's boy. When we get to Alaska and he has a hat and scarf but no gloves, he will be rethinking the wisdom of this choice (honestly, by the time we got through with the discussion about adding the extra foot, he was probably already rethinking it - I didn't take it well). I probably six inches to go on the scarf, maybe less, but I'm so bitter at having to do this extra foot that I'm dragging my feet on it. The gloves won't take that long to do once the scarf is finished, but I'm still not sure they'll be done in time for the trip. It's his own fault!! If I had been able to gleefully cast off when I wanted to, he'd have the whole set by now and it wouldn't be hanging over my head any more. SIGH. (Yes, I'm bitter. You would be too, admit it.)

5. Socks
I've been working on a pair of socks for CodeNinja for quite a while now out of a yarn I've never used before, and I'm not liking it much. Of course I don't have the ball band and I can't remember what it was, but it's a single and I think it has some mohair content, and I've had lots of trouble with snagging and splitting. The first sock is almost done, so as long as CodeNinja doesn't decide he wants me to smack an extra few inches on this I hope I'll have the first sock done shortly. Then I have to face knitting an entire second sock out of yarn I don't like, but I'm trying not to think about that too hard.

I have another pair of socks for me that are on the needles somewhere in my house, but that freaking scarf has taken up all my mindless knitting time, so my sock knitting has suffered.

That's pretty much it - no blog next week while I'm on my trip, but hopefully when I come back this will return to being the scintillating, picture-filled blog you all know and love.

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