Monday, February 7, 2011

Totally Under Control

I haven't much to show on the blog today, but come back tomorrow and I promise to have something worth seeing. I had no time at all to take pictures yesterday since I got home so late, but I'll have some tomorrow.

I have been working pretty religiously on Sevillano, determined to finish SOMETHING before the madness of February did me in. Last night I completed the last set of chart E repeats and tonight I will bind off. I probably won't have the time to block but I can at least show you the unblocked finished project. I can't wait to see it when it's not all scrunched up on the needles.

After that's done I intend to catch up on the knitting for the Dark and Light lace club. I have about a third of the first clue remaining and the second clue, and then I will be caught up. I figure that may take me the rest of the week, and if so, I'll start In Dreams this weekend. Somewhere in between there, I hope to catch up on my design class and start swatching.

In order to meet my 11 in 2011 goals I have to finish a shawl a month. Sadly, Sevillano doesn't count because it was started in 2010, so I still have to finish a shawl in February!! I'm hoping Avira (the light and dark club project, which I can't link you to because, well, it's a mystery) will be it, but if not, the new Pins and Lace pattern, Spanish Moss, is a pretty good candidate. It's a rectangular stole so it should be a nice thing to have as 'break' knitting while I work on all these giant projects.

I feel a little bad neglecting Fiori so - but I knew my February was going to be nuts so I'm okay with sort of laying it aside for the moment. It's still there, and I'll still be working on it off and on, and it's going to be a stunning finished product. If I can wear it in April or May I think that would be perfect, so that's my goal for that one.

See, I'm not going totally crazy. I can definitely handle all this. It's all totally under control. You know. For now.

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