Monday, February 14, 2011

Check check

It was a good weekend for the knitting to-do list.

I finished off Sevillano.


And Avira, the shawlette from the Light and Dark club.

This is the first shawl I've knit from the bottom up, and it was awfully nice to have the rows getting shorter as you knit rather than longer!! I was thinking it was going to be awfully small, but now that it's finished I can see that it's going to be a good size when blocked. The colorway is "Pussywillow" dyed by Pennyworth Yarns. The next installment of the club should go on sale soon. It will be a dark month dyed by Zen Yarn Garden. I can't wait to see the colorway choices.

I've been working on the swatch for my design class.


I just pinned it out a bit so you could see the patterns. The top pattern is meant to evoke the pattern on the back of the mother turtle's shell, and the lower section is meant to represent the baby sea turtles headed for the water. Can you see them?


I'm wishing I had used a slightly heavier lace yarn. The cashwool is super affordable with great yardage but I had forgotten that it was so very fine. I'm thinking if I went down a needle size and tightened up the fabric more, maybe my baby sea turtles would show better. I'm not sure but I also think I may have messed up the first repeat, and there are only two here. Anyway, since it's so tough to see I made you a cheat.


See them now?

I still have a third stitch pattern to swatch, and a couple of problems to solve. But, I feel pretty good about my overbooked February so far. (Famous last words, right?)


Karen said...

Can I be your test knitter?

Allison said...

I could TOTALLY see them! (even without the cheat!) Well done!