Friday, October 1, 2010

A Midsummer's Dream Under A Star-Soaked Sky*

Celaeno, the third shawl in Romi's 7 Small Shawls EBook subscription, is done! And here's how much yarn I had left.

Knitting - 060

SCARY. And also kind of awesome.

I love the color depth of this yarn, Fiber Optics Foot Notes in Sapphire Batik. It's very difficult to see in photographs or even at a distance, but the there are several different shades of blue used to lovely effect, mixed with the black. I almost wish I had a version without the black so I could enjoy just the variation in the blues. Because if its tight twist and possibly because if the heavy dye saturation it takes to get this color, it is a little firm, but the end result is very lovely.

Knitting - 062

Blocking was a bit of a challenge because I really liked the squishyness of the garter section and I didn't want to totally kill it, so I stretched it out enough to open the lace and then moved the wires for the top line of the shawl down as far as I could, to relax the garter a little bit without compromising the openness of the lace.

Knitting - 063

I especially loved the way the beads sort of wink out of the garter, and I felt like if I stretched the garter section out to be too open, the beads would look like beads and not like the little points of light I was hoping for.

I'm really, really in love with this project, but the beauty is really hard to capture. You can either see the beauty of the design...

Knitting - 068

...or the sparkle of the beads

Knitting - 071

Knitting - 070

Knitting - 067

...but capturing the full effect is nigh impossible, at least without a model and more patience than I possess.

I did get really bead-happy with this design. The beads are placed "randomly" throughout the garter stitch portion, and I littered the shawl with them. The beads are silver-lined transparent grey, and I'm so glad I went with those instead of a colored bead. They look exactly like the stars they are meant to evoke.

Knitting - 072

I'm not sorry. It's definitely got a very evening feel to it, and I can't wait to wear it out. I just need somewhere appropriately elegant. And, also, for the weather to cool off a bit. And I think I need to buy a little black dress to go under it. But, you know, once I get all that it will be perfect.

*This is one of my favorite song lyrics of all time, from a song that I'm otherwise indifferent to - Lonestar's "You're Like Coming Home."

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Each one of these is more beautiful than the previous one....