Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Just Keep Swimming

This week is busy busy. I have a lot going on at work so things are a little hectic here. I have a deadline I have to meet on Wednesday, which will hopefully give me some breathing room.

I don't have much to show for the past week. I've been working on my second Esplanade hat and making fair progress. I'm to the point now where I have to take out the provisional cast on and fold under the hidden brim. I've been working on a sock for my coworker that's been my mindless knitting for a while now. I'm getting close to the toe.

He had surgery last week, which was my reason for knitting him socks, but obviously they will be quite late. I'm thinking about saving them for Christmas.

Really, the highlight of my knitting mania this week has been anticipating the release of Elektra. In fact, my plan was for this post to be titled "All Wound Up" and to feature my newly wound yarn for Elektra. We are having a grand old time on the @Romi's Studio Ravelry Group, sharing pictures of yarn and beads and arguing over when we want the release to happen. I'm hoping it'll come out either early on Thursday or late on Wednesday, after all my work madness has passed.

I didn't have as much knitting time this weekend as usual. I took my little Ella to the vet to get her kidney checkup, and then I went shopping for a new dress to wear out that evening. We had plans for dinner and dancing. I did find a dress and I wore it with my Celaeno shawl.


We had a lovely time, but I was tired and footsore on Sunday. I couldn't manage anything more complicated than my Esplanade hat and a lot of knitting time was wasted in a fruitless attempt to nap.

I put off posting yesterday in hopes that I would have some additional pictures to include, but I was just too darn tired. I worked on my Bluebird a little, I'm in the middle section now so it's not too complicated. It's a little discouraging to make so little progress for the week, especially because I have soooooo many projects on the needles. I think my little bout of startitis is finally starting to get the better of me and I'm growing a little frustrated with the number of WIPS I have going on. This won't stop me from starting Elektra as soon as it comes out, of course, but I am probably going to set aside part of this weekend to take care of some of the projects that are stalled because I need some dedicated time and attention. The Esplanade hat will be easy, carry-around knitting once I get the brim folded over and joined, and my Simone sweater is sitting around waiting for me to divide the sleeves and body. Once Elektra is finished I will take another crack at the Phoenix shawl, which is, you may remember, at the ever-frustrating "so close yet so far" stage.

However I have a feeling some of this stuff may get set aside for Christmas knitting. I don't usually do too much Christmas knitting, since the number of people in my life who receive my knitted stuff with the appreciation it deserves is fairly limited. But, I do have some plans this year. It's already awfully late in the year, though, so we'll see how much of it gets accomplished. I may have to put away some of my unfinished projects until those items are done.

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