Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Sucked In, and Just Plain Sucking

Blogging will continue to be sparse until the holidays are over (as an aside, the last name of one of my coworkers is 'holliday' and after working with her for this long, I have been rendered completely incapable of spelling holiday correctly on the first try).  I am deep in the bowels of my own version of the YH's "It," and sadly mine does not involve much knitting. 
I am mostly blogging, therefore, to report that I have been sucked in by the French Press Slipper Mania (FPSM) and I delightedly knit my first pair last week over a couple of days.  I was really, really excited, until I realized I had to sew them together (UGH) and weave in the ends (UGH!!!) and then felt them (which I have never done before).  I put it off a bit, and then finally sewed the tops of one slipper together one evening.  I then put it down and waited until the next day to sew on the foot.  Having fortified myself with some rest and denial, I returned to the slippers and sewed on the foot, and after that I felt so sure that I had gotten the hang of this seaming thing, that I went to sew the two tops of the second slipper.
And discovered...they didn't match.  I mean, they did match, and that was the problem.  You knit two slipper tops as written, you see, and then you knit two slipper tops with the directions reversed, so that in the end you have two sets of slipper tops that, when placed facing each other, have all the shaping matched when the wrong sides are together.
Well.  Apparently, I was too busy steeling myself for the sewing to notice, but I sewed two identical sides together, so...one of them is upside down, and I now have two identical sides to make the second slipper with.  CURSES.
-- Sew the two sides together with one upside down, felt, and hope for the best.
-- Knit another top, sew the second slipper together correctly, felt, and hope for the best.  If the best does not happen, knit a third slipper and felt it to match the correct one.  Have no idea how hard this would be to accomplish, having never felted before.
--Burn this pair and knit a new one.
I am currently leaning toward option 2.  I have enough yarn to knit another full slipper if necessary, I think - although it will be a bit of a challenge to figure out how to get three strands of yarn to come from a single ball!  Last time, I pulled from both the inside and outside of one ball, and the inside of the second ball, in order to make the three strands.

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