Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Way Things Are

Things I wish I was doing today:

--Knitting Swan Lake
--Looking at yarns and patterns for some kind of yellowstone themed knitting because I have vacation on the brain
--reading one or more of the 5 books about yellowstone that I checked out from the library because I have vacation on the brain
--Making a paper chain countdown to vacation (Okay, I probably wouldn't actually do this, but I do want to)
--Buying stitch markers (they are cheap and make me happy)
--Getting a manicure
--Getting a haircut
--Basking in my own fabulousness

Things I will actually be doing today:

--Mountains of neglected laundry
--Wash the dog
--declutter the downstairs enough to run the floormate
--Once enough laundry has been done that the floor of my room is visible, vacuum it

Stuff that should be on the second list, but probably won't make it:
--declutter the kitchen table so that we are not eating off of our laps for the next week (usually we eat off tv trays but those are currently too cluttered)
--unearth the loveseat & ottoman, which used to be in my living room somewhere
--clean the shower

Edit: Okay, who am I kidding. The dog does not care if she is dirty, and since the floor of my bedroom has been covered in laundry, it probably doesn't need to be vacuumed. I bet I can get away with the laundry and the floors.

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