Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Under Pressure

Na na na nanana...na na na nanana...

I have a ton of stuff to show and no pictures of any of it. I knitted two dish/washcloths this weekend (if I had known what instant gratifiction they provided, I would have knit some long ago) to give away as part of a church event in a couple of weeks.

I've also been experimenting with my copics and I spent some time this weekend just stamping and coloring and thinking about card designs. I did make one complete card, and have components finished for several others. I rarely make cards without a specific recipient/occasion in mind, and it was actually pretty refreshing to just see what would come together when I just sat down and played.

I do have a couple of important projects that have to get done for other people. One is particularly stressful, a memory book for the coworker that passed away. Very difficult to work on, and it has to be done by TOMORROW.

The other is a card for my boss's grandkids. I make one for him for each kid's birthday and Christmas. These are long cards with a pocket made to hold savings bonds. I actually thought I had a pretty good plan, and I made the card this weekend, but - I don't really like it. I may get the UnDu out and see if I can place the components more attractively. I loved the background paper but I think it is really just too dark.

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