Friday, March 20, 2009

What SHALL I do?

With the weekend before me, the world seems full of possiblities. Will I...

--block & seam the sleeves of my sweater?
--finish the front of my sweater?
--Take a sweater break and finish the sock?
--Finally declare defeat on the moonlight sonata shawl?
--Finish my caribbean sock?
--Spend the whole weekend spinning? (unlikely - my back hurts if I stay at the wheel too long, but I can still get some good time in)
--Haul off and start something totally new to feed my lace cravings, like Swan Lake or the long-delayed Icarus?
--Power through the Hemlock Ring blanket? (it seems more possible than I would have believed, though this is probably somewhat far-fetched)
--Sleep late, stare into space, and accomplish nothing?

This is a question I will be pondering all day at least.

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