Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I had a terrible day yesterday and so I confined my knitting to my hemlock ring blanket last night, as I am sure that I would have been doomed to some terrible mishap that would leave me weeping in the corner (again) if I tried anything even remotely complicated. I also made the SO cook the spaghetti because if the rest of my day was any indicator, I would have managed to set it on fire.

But I did remember to finish the upload so here is the beginning of Swan Lake:


And seamed sleeve #1:


Very exciting, I know. The sleeve may be a little long, but I should be able to fold up the garter stitch hem if it is. I think.

The beads are a little lower-contrast than I had planned on for Swan Lake - they don't show up in the picture at all, though you can see them in person - but I think they will still be fine.

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