Friday, January 2, 2009

Much the Same

I don't quite have the heart to say Happy New Year because it hasn't been that happy so far, but here it is and I'm still racing the clock. I'm edging the shawl as fast as I can go, in the hopes that I will be able to finish it by Sunday evening so that I can deliver it. I'm about halfway through the right hem edge, which leaves a distressing amount to be done tomorrow, but I made a lot of that progress tonight as I was a little sick yesterday, so I am still hopeful. So, rather than happy new year, I will say, up again and take another, and pray for better things after!

I had three knitting resolutions last year:

1) do something with cables
2) make at least one complex lace project
3) knit a sweater

Well, I got two out of three, and if I ever get free of the Christmas knitting, I intend to embark on the third this year. I received Knitting Nature for Christmas, and in addition to the swirled pentagon pullover I am really interested in a couple of other sweaters. I will have to swatch and decide...but not until I get this shawl done!!

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