Monday, September 22, 2008

Feeling accomplished

We've been at the beach for the past 4 days so I don't have any pictures of the knitting, but I'm very pleased with the outcome of the weekend. The embossed stitch socks are complete (except for the kitchener on the toe of the last sock, I didn't have the instructions with me and didn't want to mess it up). On the way home, I used some of the leftover yarn and knitted a toe cover for the SO's mom, who has torn a tendon in her heel and is now in a cast. I had planned to make one when we got home, as soon as I heard she was in a cast, but she was asking for one while we were still out there, so I figured I might as well do it on the car ride home. I didn't quite finish before we made it to their house, but I did finish shortly afterward and we left her with crab cakes and happily covered toes. The cover was a little short, but I made a note and I will make her a longer one at a more leisurely pace (and likely with thicker yarn).

I started another pair of plain socks for her with some Knit Picks essential that I had in my stash that, frankly, I don't particularly care for. The colorway is Riverbed Multi and I just didn't care for it that much. It sounds awful that I am pawning off yarn I don't like, but since she is getting a pair of socks out of it, I am not feeling too guilty. I also have a skein of Cherry Tree Hill in Indian Summer that I will never wear but that I think she would like, so that's designated "socks for Karen" as well.

I feel like I should knit my own mother socks, but I am kind of ambivalent as to how they would be received. We'll see. If nothing else, my mother has very small feet, so it shouldn't be much work to make her some! I'll see if I can get some yummy cushy Casbah for her and make some Christmas socks out of it or something.

I did no lace knitting at all over the weekend, so I'm way behind on MS4. Oh well...I don't really mind too much. The only thing that is kind of nagging my brain is the idea of Christmas looming. Eee!!!

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