Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Everything is Relative

I had to work late last night so there wasn't much Scheherazade knitting progress. I think I knit about six rows (counting wrong side rows, so 3 chart rows). I was just too tired.

When I moved upstairs to the bedroom I wasn't quite ready to quit knitting for the night, but I realized I had left ALL my projects in the living room, so I didn't have anything in my room except the Beginner's Lace Triangle from A Gathering of Lace, which I hadn't touched in kind of a long time. It's charted lace but I am not that concerned about mistakes on it (since it was my first lace and there are plenty of mistakes in the part I have already done), so I decided just to pick it up and give it a try even though it might be too much for late night, prebed knitting.

I was shocked at how easy it was. I had so much trouble with this project when I first started it last Christmas. Even after I had gotten a ways into it, it was tough for me. Now...it's like nothing. I think it helps a lot that I have finally gotten into my head which decrease leans right and which leans left, so reading the chart is not nearly the chore that it used to be. I was really genuinely pleased.

The needles at size 7 seemed huge in my hand, and the yarn (Fleece Artist Suri Blue) seemed quite thick. Everything is relative, I guess, but it's nice to feel like I've made some skill progress!

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