Wednesday, May 28, 2008


The Pakucho wrapper and cap were showered on the Mom-to-be this past Sunday. Everyone was very impressed and said I was so talented. I kept protesting that all I did was follow directions...but no one listened. I think you have to try knitting before you realize how easy it really is. The hardest part is the counting.

I've done 10 rows on chart two of Scheherazade (note to self - next time, pick a project that is easier to spell). Each chart is 50 rows's feeling like kind of slow progress, but somehow it is still going much faster than I expected it to. It looks very, very cool, so I forgive it for the slow.

I am, however, a little restless for an easy project. I finished my first plain stockinette sock, except for grafting the toe, which I have to do before I can start the second one, because I need the needles. I have two sets of sock needles (I think...I might have ordered another pair of size 2's but if so they must be hidden in a drawer somewhere). The second pair is tied up in the neverending BBS. I am doing the gusset decreases on those and I am very frustrated because somehow I have ended up with four more stitches on one side than the other. One or two I could understand, but four is kind of a lot. I'm pondering what to do about it, but I think I will continue decreasing both sides evenly. Hopefully it won't be too big of a disaster. I'm still not sure how it happened, though, unless I just completely fuzzed on decreasing on one side. FOUR TIMES. Wierd.

The chocolate waffle scarf may be doomed. Even the thought of working on it makes me want to weep. I will never, ever do another giant seed stitch project again. Actually, that is probably not true, and it is probably not the seed stitch that bothers me. It is the stripes. I hereby declare a neverending loathing of stripes. Too many ends, and my anal retentive nature is freaking me out about counting how many rows are in the stripes, no matter how much I try not to care. It is very annoying and I know that this same nature is going to make me want to make the ends of the scarf match, and - sob. I don't even want to think about it.

I'm thinking about going ahead and casting on for a Water Turtles Shawl from Wrapped in Comfort. I still have two skeins of Casbah in Mineral that I bought at the same time as the Earth skeins. I had intended at the time (not realizing how utterly delusional I was) to make two shawls for the two missionaries, but it actually worked out for the best that I only got the one done. Anyway, the Water Turtles shawl is a two row repeat so that would be both fun and relatively simple, once I got past the yoke. I like knitting socks, but changing between needles kind of frustrates me sometimes. I like having a project long enough that you don't have to break the rhythm for a while. But, I'm not sure what I would do with it - I'm not sure whether I'd wear it or if there is someone else it would be good to give it to.

Mm, we'll see...

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