Monday, April 21, 2008

Can it be?

I might be mistaken, but...I think I only have one more project to do that's for someone else. I finished Odessa this weekend and gave it to the recipient's sister for delivery. I have pictures, but they're not uploaded yet.

When I look at my ravelry queue, I see:

--Lace stole for me
--Socks for me
--Lace shawl for me
--Another lace shawl for me
--Scarf that I was going to make for a friend with the yarn leftover from the hat and gloves I made her
--Fingerless mitts I plan to make for Sbodd
--Santa Claus hat that I plan to knit a bunch of for the Tree-hunting expedition next year (the handknit hat I made Sbodd was banned by his mom on the grounds that it is tradition to wear a Santa Hat...well. I'll show HER.)
--Oven set (oven mitts & trivets) I thought would be nice to make for Sbodd sometime
--Scarf for Fletch, who requested one

Okay, so maybe I do still have stuff to knit for other people. BUT, I don't have anything I'm in a HURRY to knit for other people. Except maybe the scarf for Fletch, I should probably get on that, it would be a quick and easy project and he did ask me for it ages ago BUT a) I was careful not to promise I would do it, since I was just coming off of the string of projects I had promised other people and I was not about to get in the same mess again b) it's kind of getting past scarf weather so he won't need it until fall anyway. I have plenty of time.

The other things for other people are all things where I thought "so and so would like that."

But for now, I'm spending a little time knitting for myself. Last night I finally got out the Beginner's Lace Triangle, replaced the broken needles, and went to work. It is amazing how much easier it seems now.

Having said that I am now doomed to an unfixable mistake...yeek...but really, after all the other complicated stuff I have done, it is not killing-me-hard anymore, and that's a really nice feeling (it also helps that I have learned to yarn over correctly).

I'm not sure whether I'm going to use all 1200 yards of Suri Blue on it though...I may use just the one skein. I love that the instructions tell you to increase until you are halfway through your yarn, the shawl is big enough, or you are bored. I have found myself spending some time trying to decide, "How big is big enough?"

I believe the next projects up are a pair of socks for me (since I finished the last ones) and the Scheherazde stole from Pink Lemon Knits, which will be my vacation knitting. Until the vacation I will keep working on the triangle. I'm not sure what to do about the socks...I'm thinking about a plain easy stockinette pair in Lorna's Laces, but I also have the pattern for the Caledonian Mist socks from Pink Lemon and a skein of Hand Maiden Casbah Sock in peacock. I have several other sock yarns I could try as well. I'm not sure...we'll see.

I've got about 11" on my 2nd SFS sock so I need to get another inch and turn the heel. I'm going to try to finish the heel sometime this week - once I get past the gusset decreases that will be the most mindless knitting that I have and it will also go really quickly. It takes me this long to do them because I knit the whole leg in rib. I could do it faster in stockinette, but I thought the rib would make it fit better.

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