Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Creeping along

I have been working almost exclusively on Shedir and the big black socks. I am on the last repeat before the crown shaping on Shedir, and it...looks a little large. We'll see how it comes out when it's done. It's definitely not too large to wear, but it is larger than I expected it to be. It's probably a gauge problem. I wouldn't know - I haven't checked!!

I knit the heel flap and turned the heel on the big black socks, and now I am working on picking up stitches for the gussets. This is harder than it really should be because the socks are black. I was trying to do it during a superbowl party (so not a football person) but had to give up - and like a twit I had not brought any other knitting with me, so I was sitting there with no knitting for pretty much the whole game. I was very vexed and probably more fidgety than was really polite.

I am SUPPOSED to have some Casbah coming in the mail, because I would like to make a couple of shawls for some friends that are going on a mission trip, but yesterday it didn't get delivered. Tracking shows that the mailman left a notice, but if so, it must have blown off into the ether because I didn't get one. I'm very disappointed and a little aggravated; the post office is out of my way and I don't want to have to go pick it up. Why on earth does it require a signature in the first place?

Oh well - I'll manage one way or the other.

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