Thursday, October 18, 2007


I have been looking hard at Eris. I have not had much of an urge to make sweaters up until now but I really like that one. I was thinking of knitting it in Knit Picks Wool of the Andes, so I ordered a couple of skeins in Lake Ice Heather, thinking I would use it to knit Shedir and that would give me a good idea of whether I liked it or not..

When it arrived and I picked it up I knew I would not be using it. Perhaps I am just spoiled with all of the super-soft fibers I have been knitting with lately. At any rate, the yarn definitely had a rough feel to it that I did not no Wool of the Andes for me.

Ravelry to the rescue - I went and looked at the people who have knit Eris to see what yarns they were using. A lot of people were using Elann Peruvian Wool but I am worried about that having the same problem of Wool of the Andes since it is the same type of wool. One person was using Knit Picks Merino Style, which is listed on their website as a DK weight yarn (Eris recommends worsted or aran). However, the listed gauge matches the gauge required for Eris. I have ordered a couple skeins to try it out. We will see if I like this one better. I ordered Storm and Dusk. I am leaning towards Storm, but we will see how it looks in person. I am a little concerned because I have seen some reviews that it pills badly, but I will wait and see for myself. I did consider using Swish Superwash, which I have been using for other projects and like very much for softness, but it doesn't generally look all that crisp knitted up, especially once it has been washed. I really plan to take my time on this project and think it through before I start, because I know I would be so disappointed if it didn't work out.

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