Tuesday, September 4, 2007

I will not be defeated.

I forgot to mention that I also worked on the Witterings hat yesterday during our Labor Day cook-in (the cooking was out, but it was hot, so the eating was in).

The thing is totally kicking my butt, and I am severely annoyed about it. It's taking forever, the yarn, while plenty soft in the skein and once knit, wears out my fingertips during the process of knitting.

I got through all of four and a half rounds yesterday. I was so not pleased. 2 of those rows were knitted through the back loop. I like to think this is why they took so long and bothered me so much. I don't really understand the purpose of doing this, but I have faith that it was important.

I kind of expected that leaving the hat and then coming back to it would make it seem easier, but it hasn't. It's still an annoying PITA. Is all cotton yarn this obnoxious or did I just choose poorly? Maybe it is the texture of the yarn. It is kind of wierd and pebbly.

Regardless, I am deeply vexed. I plan to soldier on and finish the stupid thing (I WILL NOT BE BEATEN) but I'm definately not having the time of my life. :oP

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