Monday, September 10, 2007

Ha HA!

I feel like I got away with something. Or maybe just that I'm a smart consumer, which is a feeling I don't have very often that I could easily mistake for something else.

I bought Meg Swanson's A Gathering of Lace today. I feel like I got away with something because I managed to zip over and get it and still make it to my doctor's appointment on time, even though I made a wrong turn. I am happy.

I feel like a smart consumer because I started to buy the book on Amazon, saw all the reviews about mistakes in the patterns...and stopped. I didn't buy it. I admitted to myself that ten pages of errata would drive me INSANE, and I DIDN'T BUY THE BOOK.

Sometime later I sent an e-mail to the publisher asking if the paperback release had corrected the mistakes, and got confirmation that as of the most recent printing (2007) all of the errors currently on the errata page had been corrected. Rather than buying the book on Amazon, which showed a printing date of 2005, I went to the bookstore, checked the date on the front flap of the book and confirmed that it was from the most recent printing...and finally bought the book.

It is a small triumph in the face of many, many larger disasters, but I am pleased none the less.

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