Thursday, August 23, 2007


In all my listening to knitting podcasts and reading knitting blogs and perusing the knitter's review forum, I have come up with a number of things that I really, really want to do.

--Knit a lace shawl.
--Become a sock knitter.
--Knit something with Sea Silk.
--Knit something in whatever yarn anybody is gushing about or showing pictures of on their blog.
--Get some silk laceweight from Sundara Yarn.

And many more. Every time I see a yarn on the Yarn Harlot blog I SO TOTALLY WANT SOME. But I'm always stopped, either by the price or because I don't know what I would use it for so I'm afraid of not buying enough for what I need. I don't have any idea how much the average yardage is even for a pair of socks. I need more experience.

I looked up a few patterns for my friend's project and sent them to her along with yarn possibilities so that she could pick something and find a color she liked. I haven't heard anything back from her. I'm hoping she will pick Urban Necessity from MagKnits, but I don't know if she will like it or not. We'll see I guess!

Columns Scarf is at 31 inches and change. Sigh.

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Babs said...

(Love the name, BTW, have you checked out I have never knitted a sock before, or lace, and I just turned the heel in my first sock. I'm going to update my blog about this sock (I see frogging in your future), but my point is this: I was totally clueless about sock knitting. And even I'm about the least crafty person out there, major tomboy. A book with really, really great illustrations, is Getting Started Knitting Socks.

Anyway, so I'm blathering. I guess I'm all hyped up about the sock yarn from Sundara that's coming in a few weeks. I decided that if I was going to knit, I wanted to knit with stuff that I really loved.