Wednesday, August 29, 2007


I have decided to make a new section on my sidebar - the Project Graveyard. These are for projects that I have decided are doomed and I don't want to work on them any more. The first entry is the Love Heart slippers. The first one came out too big for me, and while I think I would have gamely carried on and finished the second one and given the finished project away - the yarn color I used is no longer available and I do not have enough yarn to make a second slipper.

I hope I will give this project another try sometime in the future. There is a smaller size in the book, and I do still like them. However, I will have to use different yarn. I'm not sure whether I will frog the existing slipper or just get rid of it altogether, but if this project is seen again, it will definately be a new entity and not a redo of what I've already done.

Fare thee well, not so little slipper. Fare thee well.

Afterthought: You know, that yarn was really hard on my fingers, and I do still have concerns over how comfortable that seam down the middle of the sole would have been. I think I will have to look at this one long and hard before I amke a decision to try it again.

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