Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Process person

I'm almost done with Sbodd's hat - I don't know what I was thinking when I said I needed to get it to 12 inches. :oP I think maybe I was thinking diameter instead of radius, so to speak. Anyway, at 8 inches it is plenty long enough to start the crown shaping. I did one row of that last night before I was too sleepy to go any further.

I discovered when I started packing my yarn and craft stuff that I have a good deal more yarn than I realized. When I bought the yarn for the stuff I've made for Sbodd, I couldn't make up my mind on colors so I ended up getting three different colors of Lion Brand Wool-Ease for him to choose from (he chose the Pines Print, for those who were admiring it; the other two I have are the Woodland Print and the Autumn Print). I immediately started thinking of who I could knit stuff for in order to use up those yarns. :oD Tee hee.

I have this wierd fear that I am going to end up knitting a whole bunch of shawls and scarves and hats and things that are going to languish around the house, so I am trying to stick to things that either I will actually use or that I can give away to people who will actually use them. I actually pouted a little about RJ moving to NC because I was like, I can totally knit stuff for her since Utah is cold in the winter!

There are always charities as well. I'm definately more of a process person than a finished product person. I'm proud of the finished product, and I love to see other people enjoying my finished product, but I enjoy the process and the challenge more than anything else.

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