Friday, June 1, 2007

It is finished!

I finished the scarf for Sbodd last night! Gaze in wonder!

And here is the original scarf I knitted, which...actually looks a lot less impressive next to Sbodd's, but it's still pretty!

Eee hee!!!

It's a little obvious on both scarfs which end I started from and which end I ended at - the start end is in both cases messier and wider than the finish end. But that's okay! I will get better!

I started casting on for the matching hat to Sbodd's scarf, so that is the next project. I still have my shawl on the needles as well. I should have thought to photograph that while I had the camera out because it is priiiiitty, but I didn't. Ah well!

Update: Please ignore my messy house in the background. You know I am proud of these things if I am posting these pictures with all that crap in them. :oP

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Larjmarj said...

Your differences in the cast on end as opposed to your cast off end depends a lot on the method that you use to cast on. I use the cable cast on method for scarves, it gives a firm edge and looks pretty similar to the cast of edge. If you go to knitting it'll give you videos to watch for all sorts of techniques.