Monday, August 6, 2007

Hail the conquering hero

I find it amusing that this week's KnitPicks podcast is all about finishing issues, and here I am gloating about my finished projects. Anyway, on Saturday I finished the third candy wrapper sachet, and what a relief that was. Sunday I finished the first love-heart slipper. Both of them still need the final assembly but the knitting itself is done.

Unfortunately, the slipper looks like it is going to be about two sizes too large. :oP I'm frustrated. I'll just give them away, but I really am vexed about this. And I'm afraid I'm going to have a hard time knitting slipper #2 knowing that they won't fit me. Also, I will have to buy another ball of yarn; I thought I could get through two slippers with just the one, but I was clearly deluded as there is nowhere near enough yarn left over.

I'm not sure what I'm going to do about this project. I may have to put it away for a while until the ARGH I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN feeling fades enough for me to take on slipper #2. :oP I'll have to find the Cinderella that fits this slipper - once I have a recipient in mind I'll probably be able to get up the motivation.

Anyway, so I'm now back to only two projects on the needles - Karen's hat and what I am now calling the No-Think Shawl.

Actually, that's not true - yesterday I decided that Sundays would, from now on, be my day for charity knitting, so I started a hat made from a skein of Lion Brand Wool-Ease I had bought in my flurry of excitement over learning to knit. I have, I think, two more skeins of that stuff in a couple different colors. After knitting with the nicer yarns I have been using, that stuff is torture to work with. -_- I got about an inch and a half into the hat before I gave in to temptation and picked up the slippers instead. So much for that resolution! :oP But I will finish that hat and I hope to keep knitting charity pieces regularly.

So, technically, that is three items on the needles with a fourth project scheduled to go on as soon as the yarn arrives. What can I say - it's a temporary victory. :oP

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